Dust Free Drywall

Dust free sanding is the only way to go when finishing drywall. We see excessive drywall dust remaining in most new homes in the ventilation systems, outlets and switches, can lights, etc. Drywall dust is extremely light weight, and should be prevented from becoming airborne, and traveling throughout the job site. This is an easily controllable nuisance when utilizing readily available tools and techniques.

For remodeling jobs, or an occupied job site, dust-free sanding is an absolute must. Drywall dust is a nuisance to both workers and homeowners. Drywall dust harms computer and audio equipment. Drywall dust can contaminate every finish in the home including wall and trim paint, wood finishes, hardwood floors, and all surfaces.

Drywall dust can also cause various adhesion problems, and contaminates paint finishes. We continually talk to homeowners who have had major cleanup issues in the rest of their house after a remodeling project. This nuisance can easily be avoided with some widely available tools and equipment.

Drywall Dust Health Concerns

When joint compound (aka mud) is sanded very fine dust particles are created which contains crystalline silica and mica, OHSA has labeled both of them as hazardous materials. These hazardous materials can stay suspended in the air for long periods of time, during which they can travel throughout your home coating your belongings, damage your HVAC system, and worst of all get inhaled by you and your family.

We have invested in the best dustless sanding technology on the market. Our sanders and HEPA dust extractor are virtually dustless, capturing 99% of dust created by sanding. This is all part of our dedication to keeping the cleanest and healthiest environment while work is being preformed in your home. Don’t hire another painter that doesn’t use dustless sanding technology again, Contact Us today.